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ugh i am so #blessed ;) in 3 days I’ll be in Puerto Vallarta with my co-workers celebrating our company’s exceptional Joint Commission survey results on the quality of patient care! After finally graduating with my MSN, and adjusting to being a full time home health nurse… let me tell ya, this mini vacation could not have come at a better time!

love being a nurse, love my job, love the company i work for. i am in such a good mood, i cant even. like… is this real life? an all expense paid all inclusive trip to puerto vallarta?? look at this place! 

Going for a walk in the rose garden

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Today ruled.

Today was a good day. Really long, really tough, but good. Woke up and went to work bright and early, the traffic was shit though. Got all my visits done for the day came home took a shower and made Jell-O shots then celebrated one of my best Friends birthdays.

Surprise birthday party for Jesse :)

It’s a dog-eat-dog world. And I’m so happy this dog is a part of MY world.

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